-Durante etapa exploracion :  

  1. Mantener CLICK carga el SALTO, al soltar click SALTA (puede realizar doble salto antes de tocar el piso)
  2. BARRA ESPACIADORA para Impulsarse a gran velocidad ( 1 carga cada 3 bananas recogidas)

-Durante etapa de combate:

  1. CLICK para SALTAR y ganar altitud.
  3. CTRL IZQUIERDO para cambiar de direccion y disparar hacia atras/adelante.



Prometheus is a procedural-generated adventure platformer/ shoot em up.
set out on outer space as captain Spacemonkey jumps across the galaxy dashing through asteroids and into blackholes filled with demented and glitched monkeys from failed space missions.   suit up and ready your blaster pistol! oh and dont forget to bring bananas home to upgrade your character!

During exploration:

  1. hold CLICK to build impulse , release to JUMP. (can double jump before landing once).
  2. Press SPACEBAR to dash ( 1 charge available after gathering 3 bananas )

During combat:

  1. Click to JUMP and gain altitude.
  2. Press  SPACEBAR to fire your blaster.
  3. Press left CTRL to FLIP and shoot backwards/forward.

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